Message from the Director

To….S.G. Alumni Batch 27 (1984)




Mr. Noppadol Ongsrikul, the coordinator of S.G. Alumni Batch 27, did me the tremendous honour of asking if I would like to write an article about our beloved school.  He suggested that I might like to choose from three appropriate topics - “S.G. Today”, “The Future of S.G.” and “Construction of the New Building.”  Upon reflection it occurred to me that all three are so closely interrelated as to permit me the opportunity to knit them together in a single article, which is what I hope I will be graciously permitted to try to do.

Saint Gabriel’s today is an institution which frequently reflects upon its continuous mission and priceless heritage handed to us by our illustrious predecessors.  We, as the current generation of successors, are proud of being a part of this prestigious educational establishment.  All of us are sincerely aware of our roots and identity; we never forget our origins and this gives us strength.  We are living in the modern world of today and yet we are also able to trace, with great pride, our glorious historical legacy. 

 I hope that I will be permitted, with great humility and the deepest respect, to express, on behalf of the present administration and staff, our heartfelt gratitude and admiration to all of our predecessors who have, in however much measure, in whatever way, contributed to the establishment, growth, development and sustainability of our beloved St. Gabriel’s College.  It would be impossible for us to conceive of S.G. today and tomorrow if our precious school hadn’t had such a worthy yesterday; an illustrious foundation we are fortunate enough to be asked to build upon.

Maintaining and building upon the traditions of the past is one of the finest qualities that we endeavour to instill in our students and we hold dear as teachers and administrators; a veneration, respect and love for those values which have made Saint Gabriel’s great.  The continuation and development of these traditions amongst the administration and students at the present time is a formidable challenge, especially in today’s changing world.

With the achievements of our distinguished predecessors at the forefront of our minds, St. Gabriel’s today sets its sights towards becoming The best school in Thailand after three years.  This lofty goal will require enormous investment and endeavour by all staff and students in order to make our dream come true.  We are devoting huge amounts of resources to many different fields at the school.  Personnel development programmes, the highest quality curricula for both teaching and learning, careful selection of high standard resource and text books, the creation of valid and reliable test papers, the implementation of significant evaluation and monitoring systems, the utilization and maximization of appropriate technology, and the construction of a new building to provide better physical facilities are amongst the priorities of resource allocation.

St. Gabriel’s tomorrow is determined to be ranked as one of the Top Five schools in Asia after five years.  As a school we do not fear that we will fail in this task since we are blessed with all the prerequisites of success.  We stand together united in our goals, confident in our abilities; we are hard working and focused on the task at hand with strong sense of purpose.  We already have all the necessary supporting factors which inevitably will contribute to this great achievement.  Those empirical and significant supporting factors can be listed as quality personnel, world class curricula, sufficient resources, conducive physical environment, enormous cooperation from learners and their parents, modern technology and the strongest commitment from senior management.

 The construction of the new building in order to replace St. Mary and Vincent Laboratory Buildings is another concrete indicator proving the development of our physical environment.  Both buildings which had facilitated our students’ learning for more than 50 years are no longer safe.  Many engineers and architects have confirmed the risk and danger of continuing to use them.  They have been left unused for three academic years.  The school sought permission for the construction of the new building and finally the Foundation signalled the green light.  This new six storey building will consist of new classrooms, activities rooms, laboratories for science, language and computer.  A swimming pool for primary boys will be also added.  The construction will commence in June 2005 and completed in May 2007.

It is clear that the ultimate vision of the school is to be at the top.  However, we do not aspire to become leaders in the field of education for the sake of pride or prestige; in becoming great and standing at the top we do so with one idea fixed in our hearts; whatever we do we do for love and service to all humanity.   If we achieve our ambitions, our future S.G. alumni, who of course right now are our students, will be successful and happy Thais and world citizens; they will know and enjoy the joy of giving by becoming “Men who live for others”, who know how to care and share with others.  Consequently their lives, and the lives of those around them will be happier, more serene and meaningful. 

Let me thank all S.G. Alumni Batch 27 for allowing me to share our “Dream and Vision”; let me also congratulate your batch’s unity and lasting friendship.  We are very proud of you all; since you are proclaiming to the entire world that “we blue and white are St. Gabriel”.  Once again let me welcome you to your beloved “Alma Mater” namely St. Gabriel’s College.


May God and Mother Mary bless you and your dear ones with good health, wealth, success and happiness in life.


(Brother Anusak  Nidhibhadrabhorn, Ph.D.)

Director of St.Gabriel’s College, May 200


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